Issues in Clients House with LiFX

Ok, So I had a client who pretty much demanded LiFX. He has something like 100 bulbs in a single home.

He has MORE than enough signal:

Unifi Gear
2x Mesh APs
2x Mesh AP Pro’s
2x Basestation XG’s(for beaming 5g signal to outside AP’s/future stuff)
3x AP XG
1x AP HD
2x Beacon HD’s

for switching/firewalling its:
500w 48p switch
Unifi Security Gateway XG

This is commercial Grade stuff in his home.

There isn’t a place in his house where I dont have 4-5 Bars. I can be UNDER his house in the crawlspaces and have 4-5 bars. The Basestations are enough to beam signal halfway down his street(i know they are 5g only, and as such dont really effect LiFX, but im just making a point)

To put it bluntly if wifi signals caused cancer, he would be Dr Manhattan by now.

and yet still, the lights dont sync, and some randomly go offline only to come back like 20 minutes later, or work “fleetingly”

I have tried everything. VLANS, setting specific lights to specific AP’s turning on and off fastroaming, airtime fairness and every other possible option.

I am at my wit’s end here trying to figure this stuff out.

Any ideas or advice would be VERY appreciated.

Turn off all the Ubiquiti advanced features and make sure the SSID that the LIFX bulbs are using is asssociated with only 2.4Ghz radios. Disable the SSID on 5Ghz completely. Change the DTIM period to 3.

I have 50-odd bulbs in my house but only have 2x UAP-AC-Pros and it works just fine. Recently I added a Photons Interactor instance which maintains connectivity to all bulbs as a server, so I can see exactly when bulbs disappear and how quickly they return.