Issues when I add a UniFi AP

I have a large home with 30 LIFX bulbs and two UniFi APs, AC Pro. I also have a UniFi Switch and USG 4P. I was having WiFi issues on my non LIFX devices. So I bought two more UniFi APs, U6 Mesh. Once I added the two new APs, almost all of the LIFX bulbs show as poor connectivity in the UniFi Controller and they show as disconnected in the LIFX app.

I have tried many configuration changes but nothing seems to make it better. Any idea what could be going on?

I’m amazed you had it working before, I’ve found they are completely incompatible with any advanced features from wifi 5+.

I had to resort to running my Lifx bulbs on an old 2.4ghz only router in AP mode. Support wanted me to turn off all the advanced features (which did work) and suffer with 802.11n Wifi speeds and bandwidth.

PS, Lifx don’t give a rats a$$ about their forum, just check the activity of their staff here - it’s non existent!

I found out my issue. I have a non UniFi Switch in my environment. Since I run all the LIFX bulbs on a separate VLAN, I need to manually configure the switch for the VLAN. I completely forgot about this. Once I set up the VLAN properly, everything worked again. Having the separate VLAN does address some of the issues mentioned. That VLAN only has 2.4GHZ and no special features enabled.