It's just not working like it use to . .

Over the time that I have been in the App Beta program I have been seeing more and more undesired operation of something somewhere. But what and where remains to be discovered.

The problem is scenes used in Alexa Routines are not operating as they had in the past. I have one scene that I have been using for what I want to say “for years”. The scene is what I use to start the day off. It has three groups: Two (L3A19LC08E26US) Color set up in their own individual groups and one group of 7 (LHA19E26UC10). That I haven’t updated the FW yet from all the negative press on it. I’m a Beta Tester for various brands and know how wrong things can go. Also it looks the app is adding to the color “augmentation”. Which I think could be “Color Correction” for the new FW.

The scene is over the course of an hour to brighten all of these bulbs to 70% colored Neutral. What has been happening is the standard “Color” bulbs work as set. The “Floor Floods” have only been coming up to 10% and that’s it. Plus throughout the day I have it set to accommodate the time of day until shutoff at bedtime. That’s not working too well either. And use to be so perfect that it did things that were an added bonus to make the experience better than I didn’t think of.

I can trigger the scene manually from the app or ask “She who shall not be named” to do it and perfect. But to have it as a component of an Alexa Routine, it only partially works.

So waddya think . . .