JSON API Requesting "Schedules"

Has anyone been able to use a HTTP GET to request “schedule” info?

I have only seen the request for “scenes”

Thanks, if anyone can help!

We do not yet have an endpoint for requesting information about schedules. This feature has not yet been planned for the future, but I’ve recorded your feedback.

I guess it’s unlikely, but I would like the ability to create schedules via the API.

With many lights, using the app is very laborious, and I would like to automate it

I found the same thing - I made a little service for automating it.

If you’re comfortable setting up a little AWS lambda function it’ll connect to your lights and do updates based on some rules. Basically some waypoints during the day, it’ll calculate what it should be at any point when it’s run.

https://github.com/dylandhall/lifxFluentService - any questions let me know.