Jumpy values in A19 bulb

I just noticed that with my A19 bulb not all HSBK values are accepted. For example, when I try to set the color via the LAN API to 6262, 65535, 22872, 2500, the bulb sets the value to 6144, 65535, 22872, 2500. Curiously, setting a closer value of hue (6207) via the Lifx app, changes the values to 6207, 65535, 22872, 3500. So it appears that the hue values at least are dependent on the kelvin values. Even more curiously, I have not observed this behavior with my Mini Color bulbs.

Can someone from Lifx please provide some explanation as to why this happens?


It seems you’ve found a bug! I was able to replicate this on my own third gen a19. The good news is the internal version of the next firmware release does not have this problem (or any other gen hardware in my quick test).

Unfortunately I can’t give any timelines on when the next firmware for third gen hardware will be released.

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