Kelvin Ranges for all Models

Looking at vs. the main LIFX products page, I’m confused as to why there’s a Color 900 BR30 listed in the json but Color 1000 BR30 on the product page (and not vice versa). Was that a type-o?

How do I find the definitive kelvin ranges for each model? The product sheets are up on your website for the newer models, but not the old ones. Does this look right?
2700K-8000K for Original 1000, Color 650
2700K-6500K for White 800 (both Low and High Voltage), White 900 BR30
2500K-9000K for Color 1000, Color 900 BR30

Can I query the bulb itself?

Thanks for pointing this out, the Color BR30 bulb is indeed called the Color 1000 BR30. This was my mistake when updating the documentation. The marketing team has now sufficiently berated me for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The older bulbs aren’t linked from the store pages but they are still there (including their information sheets). Here are the links to the older products:

So your list should look like this:
2700K-6500K for White 800 (both Low and High Voltage), White 900 BR30
2500K-9000K for Original 1000, Color 650, Color 1000, Color 900 BR30

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There’s a mismatch on your website then for the Color 650.

Website lists 2700-6500K:
Product sheet linked to from that page lists 2700-9000K:

So does the Color 650 have the same CT range as the other color bulbs, or the more limited range of the other white bulbs?

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The ranges I posted in my last reply and the product sheet were correct.

The website needs to be updated to read:

Warm to cool whites: (2500K - 9000K)

I’ll get this done imminently. Thanks for pointing it out. :slightly_smiling:

Yes you can get the kelvin range by using the api v2 explained at
There is an object titled capabilities under the product object. Excerpt from the website below

“product”: {
“name”: “LIFX+ A19”,
“company”: “LIFX”,
“identifier”: “lifx_plus_a19”,
“capabilities”: {
“has_color”: true,
“has_variable_color_temp”: true,
“min_kelvin”: 2500,
“max_kelvin”: 9000,
“has_ir”: true,
“has_multizone”: false

I’ve implemented the Kelven Temp ranges into an open-source library I contribute to. I think these ranges should all be correct. Hopefully this list is useful to somebody, even if they don’t use the lifxlan module.