Lack of support is frustrating

Dear lifx.
I have been a loyal customer for a number of months now and have spent over £400 kitting out my house with your products.
A key purchase for me was 2 lifx z strips. I bought these specifically to have the move function. One is setup in a nursary while the second is framing my screen in our home entertainment setup.

Ever since the last firmware update the move function has stopped working. The colours will cycle smoothly for a few seconds and then it will start jumping very sharply along the strips. This was intended to be used to soothe our child but it is not suitable for that anymore. Additionally the colour temperatures of the z have completely changed, forcing me to go through every scene and reprogram to make the light correct again.

I have raised this concern and had no positive feedback from the team, mearly saying that it will be passed on, I have suggested on your feedback forms (sent before I get a response!) That I am very unsatisfied with the current status of your products and the software has rendered it not fit for the purpose I purchased it for. I am most upset with the lack of support and seemingly apathetic approach to the support of an expensive product. The only contact that is public facing is support who have out and out told me that there is no one to process complaints!

It was my intention to purchase a set of downligt units for upcoming home renovation projects as well as additional bulbs for various places round the house. However the way this issue is not progressing is changing my mind.

Worse than the fact I have not been given assurance of a fix or indeed any sort of useful information is the fact that these products did work when I bought them. I have been pushed an update that I can’t roll back to a working version.

At this time I would like to request either a long overdue fix or compensation for the £160 of wasted money on the z strips.

Make this right LIFX. I have recommended you to several family member and on the whole I would like to continue to do so.

Hi Strain,

There is a public beta of the updated firmware for LIFX Z which fixes up the issue with the Move effect. If you DM me your LIFX Cloud email address, then I can get you added to the beta firmware distribution list.


Thanks for getting back to me so swiftly, I was losing faith there for a moment.

I have sent you a DM

I recently bought the LIFX Z mainly to use the Move Function and I’m having the same issue. Is it possible I could participate on the public beta?

Hi @djoutrageous, if you DM me the email address you use for your LIFX Cloud account I can add you to the best firmware distribution list.

my email is


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Hey, I’ve forwarded your address to @markh, and removed it from your post. Please don’t post personally identifiable information publicly on this forum. :wink: