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LAN API - Multiple Lamps with one IP


maybe a bit off-topic - but any help would be nice.

I´d like to build a “bulb” on a base of particle photon, a PWM-board and some LED strips. I intend to use one photon board as virtual group of several devices that share 1 IP address but are individual addressable.

Just now i am strugggeling with the discovery phase. The LifX-App broadcasts the “GetService” and my device sends 2 StateService packets with different ports 56700 and 56701. I expected to receive requests back to both ports, but only see communication on the original port 56700. So the second virtual device does not show up in the App. I expected the former PAN mode worked somehow like this.

What am i doing wrong?



As I know LIFX app use additional packets and data (which are not described in public LAN API) which is strongly required to take the bulb on-board. So you have to reverse the packets to emulate fully LIFX compatible device (what I guess already done by someone).
Please correct me if this thing was changed. I would be happy to update my esp8266 based bulbs to LIFX protocol.

Hi Cake,

for your esp8266, the work from works fine, i also started with this. But - it only speaks the old protocol, maybe in a very simple manor and allows only one single device. That`s why i asked here.

Meanwhile i found, that the Android App behaves different to the lifx-sdk. But it is a good starting point, as i discovered, that the mentioned arduino library has to be adopted to speak pure LifXv2. e.g. it does not respect sequence numbers and only responds with broadcasts. So some work left…

Hi there,

I realize it’s been a LONG time, but did you ever get this working? I’m just starting on the journey to emulate LIFX lights and this is exactly what I would like to do (have one IP address behave as multiple lights). Thanks!