LAN protocol fast broadcast multiple bulbs requirement

Philips Hue entertainment use UDP broadcast, it can control max 10 lights at same time in speed of 50 frames per second.
Because LIFX use pure WIFI solution, I think LIFX has the ability to do it better, can you make above changes? If so, LIFX can do music syncing work very well, it will be nice.


Do they? I can’t say I keep close tabs on what Philips are doing, but last I heard they weren’t using the IP layer at all. Hue uses Zigbee Light Link, which doesn’t really use UDP as far as I know.

Broadcasts on 802.11 are a very different beast compared to on ZigBee. The first version of our app used them, and they provide terrible performance. If you use too many broadcasts your wifi network will start dropping them, or delivering them in weird order. I wrote a post on this problem a while back.

You can test this yourself using the LAN API documentation we have made available. If you do prove me wrong I would love to see the benchmark code.

Thanks for your detailed reply, I got it