LAN Protocol Questions / SetColor|SetPower to Group / Strobe Light

I have read the LAN Protocol documenation and I am unable to determine how to do the following:

  1. Send SetColor and/or SetPower to a group of lights.
  2. Cause a LIFX light to strobe

How is this done?


Just send a separate unicast message to each light in the group.

This is officially undocumented, but see this thread.

I have it on my todo list to officially document this for you. In the meantime you might want to look at this pull request from @ppelleti for a few hints on how to do a strobe.

Feel free to ask questions, on how the SetWaveform message works.

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Thank you. The documentation link you provided worked perfectly!

Are there any plans to implement the ability to broadcast to a group? From reading through some of the other posts here, it kind of sounds like the plan is to move away from multicasting as this can be unreliable in some consumer grade network devices.