[LAN Protocol] UUID with the LAN Protocol

Hello, I’m developing an app to control the LIFX bulb in a local network using the LAN Protocol. So far, the LAN Protocol is working as intended

App constraint: The application must be able to interact with the LIFX bulbs without an access to the internet (HTTP API).

Question: Is it possible to get the UUID of a LIFX Bulb using the LAN Protocol?

The only information I could use to uniquely identify a bulb is with its MAC address but since we also plan to support the communication via the HTTP API, it seems more appropriate to use only one unique identifier.

Thank you.

On the HTTP API side, the ID returned is a non-delimited version of the MAC address. So that can be used to compare to your existing MAC address table if the bulbs label isn’t sufficient to avoid collision.

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I’ll keep using the MAC address then. I’m not using the labels since it could potentially change over time by the bulb owner.

Thank you for your time.