Latest firmware mess anyone else up too?

I appear to now have 13 LIFX bulbs that don’t connect or do anything other than turn on white and can be reset. Just won’t connect. The remaining lights which were connected are unresponsive. Awesome.

I mean it’s nice that they supposedly work with Google Home now…But boy I sure hope I didn’t just flush a ton of money down the drain. :frowning:

Can I download old firmware versions and flash from my computer?? Something is seriously wrong.

No issues here at all just got 4 more bulbs and everything working fine

I’m in the same boat. got 9 lights in one room (living-room/common-area), 4 in a bedroom and 1 for testing against the app to try and figure out what’s going wrong.

it started doing this about a month ago for me and then i got an invite to do the beta app, upgraded, and not only did nothing get fixed, all of my newer lights wouldn’t turn on when clicking the light switch OR trying to use the app until i reset all of them (except the 2 i bought about a year and a half ago)…

now, they all turn on at full brightness when i flick the appropriate light switches BUT my phone doesn’t even see the lights to connect to in the app. a few show up in my wifi connections on the phone, but the app acts like they’re is nothing there. occasionally, it will see a couple, but if i try to add them, the app disconnects and reconnects my phone to the router and/or the light a few times before falling.

only 2 lights can be controlled anymore, and they are my 2 really old lights…