Latest update groups don't react simultaneously

 I hope there isn't already a discussion open on this subject, but has anyone else noticed that since the last firmware update that groups of bulbs don't react together (I'm talking 6 to 10 bulb groups) anymore? Sometimes I'm hitting my "scene" twice because all of my bulbs didn't change. Also, I've observed that when I do change color or brightness, all bulbs don't act together (there are usually 1 or 2 "stragglers"). 

 I have only (really) observed this after the last firmware update.
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Hey @Rasstace,

Our developers are aware of this. On routers that support power saving features it might sometimes take the bulbs a little while to wake up if they have entered WiFi power saving mode. We will have a fix available in the next firmware update. We expect that this update is about a month away, provided it passes testing the first time around.

A temporary workaround for the meantime might be to disable Wifi power saving on your router. Though not all routers expose this setting to users.


You are not alone. I’ve noticed the same thing. And that’s with Wifi Power Saving disabled on my Access Points (which doesn’t actually affect the clients themselves, just prevents the AP from going into power saving mode).