Leaving feedback about the LIFX Mobile Apps

Hi everyone,

In February 2020 we released the next major iteration of the LIFX App. This was the result rethinking how our customers interact with LIFX devices and as a result, there was a significant visual change.

This release is the first step in working toward a world class experience, not just with the App but with your LIFX lights. We completely understand the redesign is a big shift, but we believe it’s in the right direction. We love getting your feedback and have already begun using it to inform future updates.

Nonetheless we are aware that our users will have different views, queries, suggestions and concerns. Whilst we try to pass on all suggestions you can ensure your feedback is given directly to our Apps Team and Designers by following the links below.

Please leave any and all constructive feedback in this survey

For bugs, or functional issues please visit our support resources.

For resources on how to make the most of the Mobile App, please visit our support website or our Youtube channel.

We would like to clarify that we created these developer forums for our community to assist each other and get creative writing scripts for LIFX lights; or questions about how to use integrations with LIFX products. It would be helpful for our team and your fellow developers to keep conversations relevant to these topics.

If you have a problem with the App and are unsure if it’s relevant to the forums or not, please make a post anyway and we’ll help you work out what can be done. Our team is always open to the most brutal of feedback, but they are people, so please keep it constructive and not offensive. Your comments are always helpful, read, and considered.