LED Strip Colors are wierd

Has anyone else have the problem where the LED Strip color does. It match the light bulb color but they are set to the same color on the app?

Thanks for this report. We’ve been reviewing the color calibration between our different products and we’ve noticed the same thing as you. We have an update for the LIFX Z coming shortly that will make the colors look much closer. I’ll update you here when I get more information from the firmware team.

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Will the firmware update address the following?

  1. For whites below 3500K, there is a green hue to the color.

  2. When setting the strip to yellow (color 60), there is a high amount of green color. It’s almost as if the yellow color mixing is way off and that’s probably affecting the white color temperature below 3500k.

  3. Every time the wifi drops on the strip, all the LEDs turn off and then back on briefly. The LEDs should remain on and not blink. Is there a way to lightly flash the red LED every few minutes like on the Color 1000 to indicate a problem connecting to the wifi?

  4. The wi-fi seems to be very-unstable compared to the Color 1000 bulbs. While pinging the strip controller IP, there will be no drops for a little while, and then for about a minute, the strip just drops off the network.

  5. When setting themes on just the strip, some zones are skipped as the theme is applied down the strips. I have a strip that is 6m in length and as the theme is applied, some zones are skipped on all the extensions and you have to repeatedly press the theme to get it applied correctly to all zones. You should be able to reproduce this by setting a theme of exciting on the strip, and then change to Halloween. All the zones should change to an orange color of varying intensities, but what happens is that some zones along the way are skipped. If you repeatedly press the Halloween theme, eventually all the zones get the orange color.

  1. Yes, we’ve toned down the amount of green in the lower Kelvin ranges. There is still a little bit of green, but you shouldn’t be able to see it when there is something diffusing the light, for example if you are reflecting it off a white wall.

  2. Same as above, the color mixing has undergone a recalibration.

  3. This blink is caused when the device reboots in an attempt to recover its wireless connection. We have improved the wireless connectivity with the upcoming firmware release so we expect this to be fixed.

  4. As above, this release provides fixes for several bugs that could cause a device to drop off the wifi network.

  5. We have added some fixes that make the bulbs stability better, which should improve the ability to apply themes to the device. There are also updates to the applications coming to improve this too.

Is there anyway to keep the strip from blinking when it reboots? Do the Color 1000’s reboot to get them to re-connect to wifi when the bulb senses that it’s no longer connected? I don’t notice the Color 1000’s blinking at all if they are rebooting.

Two more observations:

  1. I noticed that when the saturation is at 100% and setting a color that contains the blue LED, the white LED is slightly lit up. Is this by design? When cycling the colors to red and green, the white LED turns off. I would think with 100% saturation, that the white LED would not come on at all. If you lower the saturation, then the white LED is added in as expected.

  2. After selecting just the LED strip and then applying a theme, I’m seeing two different behaviors: From the mobile app, the theme is applied across each zone in the strip and looks great. From the Windows 10 app, the entire strip acts like one zone and so the theme doesn’t display correctly. It is acting like you have selected a group of bulbs and in that case treating the entire strip as one “bulb” works since it’s coordinated with the other bulbs in the group.

I’ve also noticed that the color mixing for orange and purple is off as well.

The purple looks more blue than purple and the orange looks more red than orange.

Just wanted to make sure that these were added to the re-calibration in the next firmware release.

In the latest Android app version, I’ve lost the ability to apply a theme to the various zones of the strip. It’s acting like one zone now. This should only behave this way when applying a theme to a group of bulbs that contain the strip and was the behavior before the latest update and firmware update to 1.20.