Let's address the HomeKit elephant in the room

This is super disheartening. I’ve dropped over $200 on Lifx bulbs “knowing” that I would eventually get HomeKit support on my current bulbs. I got that email yesterday advertising $20 off the current lights which of course I took advantage of buying two more lights. I think those will be getting returned.

I do think the bulbs are definitely better than Hue performance wise and usability wise. I love that they’re Wifi connected and do not require us to spend money on a hub just for my lights. The colors they can achieve are great and are overall a great light.

I will say that I feel duped in a way. I agree with most above that Lifx needs to be clear with their customers on what the plan is for Homekit. I’m a sales engineer and if there’s one thing I know it’s that lying to customers is the fastest way to lose them. I understand Lifx is probably in a difficult spot since they already have an install base and the Apple requirements are out of their control. However, being vague about what the plan is or just lying about it is the path to alienating customers.

I do have the pseudo HomeKit Homebridge working with a raspberry pi but there have been some pains along the way and it’s far from perfect. I realize that could be my newness to raspberry pi and programming with it but this was meant to be bridge to carry me over until we got native homekit support.

The beauty of Apple products and the devices that live in their ecosystem is that they just work. It took me a long time to move to apple as I always thought the control you had with windows/android made them better. However, once I switched I loved that I never had to go through my android phone killing apps because I was out of ram or having to end processes in Windows. My apple devices just work and work together.

With all that being said I won’t be buying any more bulbs (or light strips) until there is a clear Homekit path defined. As a consumer, this also opens the door for other products to possibly win me over. I hope we get some resolution to the Homekit topic soon.

There is a solution

Hi, guys. I recently switched to iphone and was wondering if I could use Siri to control my LIFX bulbs. After a couple hours of search It turned out - that yes. Now I control everything from my Apple Watch and iPhone.

In my case I use my Windows laptop as a Homebridge “server” (it is always at home and always powered on). So I did not purchase any additional equipment at all in my case (such as Raspberry Pi). Basically the whole setup cost me 0$ (but it did cost me several hours of my time :).

You need to do the following steps:

  1. Follow this guide to install Homebridge “server” (which will be a bridge, obviously, between LIFX and Apple): https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge/wiki/Install-Homebridge-on-Windows

  2. Install this homebridge-lifx plugin: https://www.npmjs.com/package/homebridge-lifx-lan

  3. Modify config.json as it is described in the link abiove (for lifx-lan plugin). My file looks like:

    “bridge”: {
    “name”: “HomeBridge”,
    “username”: “CC:22:3D:E3:CE:30”,
    “port”: 51826,
    “pin”: “123-45-678”

     "description": "HomeBridge HTTP Status Control",

    “platforms”: [
    “platform”: “LifxLan”,
    “name”: “LiFx”

  4. Start homebridge and keep it running. Add Homebridge to the iOS Home app. That’s all.

P.S. The whole process took me 4-6 hours but it worth it.
P.P.S. During one step (first link - step 4 - item 2) some libraries were still missing (even after workaround 2.1 applied). I found them on web.
I won’t read this thread often so if you have any questions e-mail me to a.kurapov@gmail.com

See my quick demo here: https://twitter.com/SpeedFire_/status/784657391509962752 (in Russian)

Apple always had a demo Homekit app that you could download and compile yourself to use. It was not as polished a the current home app but it was 100% funcitonal

Unfortunately, I threw all the boxes away :angry:

this looks promising - Homekit Bridge for Lifx

Offtop. I’ve recently purchased Logitech Pop Switch and it’s really really awesome.
It is even more convenient than HomeKit in a daily use (at least for me).
A quick video:

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More proof my decision to walk away from Apple and their proprietary everything was correct.

Guys the homebridge solution is where it’s at. Don’t be mad at LIFX it’s Apple who has the strict hardware and software requirements and is holding things up, and in the long run it’s a good thing because it ensures good quality and easy to use products you buy from the store.

HOWEVER, You can build an extremely cheap homebridge setup:

-raspberry pi zero ($5)
-wifi USB module ($5)
-USB cell phone charger (laying around house)

Then you can create your own gadgets (garage door opener, sensors,temp humidity, etc) for much cheaper than a store bought item. Here is a picture of the setup (this is a regular raspberry pi not the zero which is a lot smaller and cheaper) I have opening my garage and running my entire homebridge bridge. It’s just a little relay board that shorts the wires going to the button on the wall, simple as that. I also have a little temp humidity sensor hooked up.

Here you can see my LIFX bulb shows up, and I can even control it with Siri like ‘change the living room light to 50%’. Or ask if it is on or off, etc. I have not tried to change colors thru Siri yet but the code I looked at appeared to support color changes.

The other great thing is plugins already exist for the LIFX bulb and other store bought devices, so if they don’t support home kit out of the box you can force them to through your ‘homebridge’.

Can you please provide a step by step guide to setting up the raspberry Pi bridge?

There ya go!

Thanks, I guess I know what I’ll be doing for the next few hours. :slight_smile:

Awesome, after a good play I now have homelink working with my Lifx bulbs.
Thanks for the info.
I’ve got it running on my Banana Pi (my version 1 Raspberry Pi wasn’t able to run it).

Have you got any hints on naming items to work best with Siri?
Is there a list of commands to control colours etc?

Currently I only have 2 bulbs in my living Room so I named them ‘living Room Bulb 1’ and ‘living Room Bulb 2’. I then grouped those 2 bulbs together (long click on one and open details menu, you will see group accessories button there) and named the new group ‘living Room Lights’.

I say ‘Siri turn on the living Room Lights’ or ’ living Room Lights 20%’ and she does both accordingly.

Have not tried asking her to change color yet but you can do it in the home app now (long press on Bulb and should see a color button on bottom left of screen.

I’d also join the slack chat if you need help going forward, it’s free: http://homebridge-slackin.herokuapp.com/

I guess the cat is out of the bag now, or the elephant is suddenly visible, or whatever metaphor you prefer.

That’s sort of good news.
But too bad for those of us who have invested a fortune in gen 1 and gen 2 bulbs.
Couldn’t you have employed a hub to make it work or wouldn’t this meet apples HomeKit requirements?

Yeah that is good news kinda! What to do with my current investment (7 first gen lifx bulbs)? Surely lifx should endorse a hub for these shouldn’t they?

@anger LIFX is expecting you to sell your current ones for pennies on the dollar and spend another $275+ on new bulbs.

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Or as per above create a pi bridge.