LIFIX 1000 COLOR Linux JAVA Alljoyn Client

Hi all,

i’m developing a linux client that controls the only LIFIX 1000 COLOR I’m able to revice the announcement but when i want set a property like ON/OFF, the lamp doesn’t turn on but getOnOff() returns ON.

I don’t use a controller but a direct access to the interfaces: org.allseen.LSF.LampService,org.allseen.LSF.LampParameters,org.allseen.LSF.LampDetails,org.allseen.LSF.LampState.

Someone known what happens?

Is the brightness set to zero? The bulb will not turn on unless the brightness is a non-zero value.

I did some progress and at moment i’m able to control all: color, color temp and so on… The question is… if i want have the same behavior of lifx andoid app with 2 controller. the first one that contols the hue and second one that controls the color temp. When i pass from color controller to color temp controllore, i would like have a white light but the lamp conserves the last color… In your app what do you do when you change controller?

The light won’t store the last color for you. Your best bet is to store it client side when the user switches.