LIFX 800 B22 Student Wi-fi


I’m just wondering if anyone has had any experience with using LIFX with student wi-fi. I can’t get mine to work even though it was working with my phone yesterday for about 5 minutes, then I tried the firmware update and it stopped working. I’m even unable to reset my bulb as I get a 2 colour cycle, not 3 colours. I’m also unable to access rescue mode as i can’t turn the router off as it’s uni halls wi-fi. Is anyone able to help me?

I’ve also submitted a request with support for this problem.



Well, as far as student wifi is concerned most school are going to have client isolation turned on, basically this will prevent two wifi connected computers or in this case smart bulbs from communicating with other devices. They do this to prevent the wifi network from becoming a breeding ground for hackers and malware.

I assume this is for your dorm and if so, do you have ethernet access to bring your own wifi router to use for the bulbs?

Hi Agentkt, thanks for your reply.

Yes I have access to an Ethernet port.