LIFX + A19 and GetInfrared / StateInfrared

My program uses the LIFX LAN protocol and supports just about every feature. I am now attempting to add Infrared support for the new LIFX + A19 bulbs. Unfortunately, my LIFX + A19 does not respond to GetInfrared with a StateInfrared response. Best I can tell, the bulb is not sending any response to the GetInfrared query. Any ideas?


Set the response required flag in the header


Yes, I have set this header (as I do for other similar queries), but I am still not getting the response.

@ultrajones sorry for the delayed response, was away on vacaction last week.
I think all of the other Get* messages will work without response required set, so having other messages work, is not a good indicator of response required being set.
If you provide a packet capture I would be happy yo have a look at what could be wrong