Lifx+ A19 Bulb defective


I have a defective Lifx+ A19 bulb that I purchased just before Christmas. It worked up until the new app came out. Now it no longer will boot up into setup mode. The light comes on red, blue, green, white then green again.

It will show up in the app, but it can not be connected to.

I left a customer service complaint, and a few days later received an email that stated:

We believe any response is better than no response. We’re busy working away on tickets, but we haven’t gotten to yours quite yet.

We apologize for the delay, we’re doing our best to get to you.

We appreciate your patience.

Hang in there!



This was 10 days ago.

These bulbs are already too expensive, so you should get some warranty or customer service.


I had one that got stuck in a loop on teh new app and couldn’t seem to get an IP address from the lamp. i tried it on the windows app and connected just fine .

Lifx finally contacted me weeks later and advised that I had to wait 12 more weeks for a replacement.

That really is unacceptable.

I understand what is going on in the world today, but that seems excessive.


We are in June, and I still have not received my replacement bulb… This is unacceptable for a company. This place seems to no customer support, and soon will have no customers. I have been waiting since February.


Unfortunately we aren’t able to do RMAs for the moment due to some of the challenges we face from the current global pandemic. For now, all RMA requests are being put onto a queue and we will get to them as soon as we can.

We are committed to replacing faulty hardware and I can assure you we will get to these. It’s just that there will be some delay.


It should not take you five months to address the issue. This is completely unacceptable. There are many companies that I deal with that have been impacted by Covid 19. To date none of them have asked me to wait five months to address a warranty issue.

If you can not repair this bulb, you should send me a new one. I find it hard to understand this, when you still sell these on your webpage.

I insist that you address this situation now. I have been more than patient.


That sounds like BS. My A19 has stopped working after 6 months. I thought they were supposed to last a lifetime. I haven’t talked to customer service yet but if they don’t address this issue like a proper company would, I’ll switch to a different company. There’s a lot of options out there that are quite good for much cheaper


It has been over 5 months I have waited for a replacement bulb. When will it be replaced?


Hello @Ritewing - What is your ticket number? Let me follow this up for you.

Why? The bulbs are made where? And every place is shut down. How long do you think it will take to ramp up production and then ship them to us for sales?

I bought this bulb in December. It worked one month. We are now in month number 8 of 12.

How long is reasonable to wait?

I understand that there are bigger things going on in the world, but this is a business. If you are unable to conduct your business, issue a refund.

You cannot keep crying Covid has affected our supply line, when new bulbs are always in stock.


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My ticket number as requested.