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Lifx+ A19 Bulb defective


I have a defective Lifx+ A19 bulb that I purchased just before Christmas. It worked up until the new app came out. Now it no longer will boot up into setup mode. The light comes on red, blue, green, white then green again.

It will show up in the app, but it can not be connected to.

I left a customer service complaint, and a few days later received an email that stated:

We believe any response is better than no response. We’re busy working away on tickets, but we haven’t gotten to yours quite yet.

We apologize for the delay, we’re doing our best to get to you.

We appreciate your patience.

Hang in there!



This was 10 days ago.

These bulbs are already too expensive, so you should get some warranty or customer service.


I had one that got stuck in a loop on teh new app and couldn’t seem to get an IP address from the lamp. i tried it on the windows app and connected just fine .