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Lifx+A19 failed after update to version 2.80

Hello all, one of my LIFX +A19, after updating to version 2.80, bulb is not appearing in the app. After hardware reset the bulb flashes red green and stops at blue. How to resolve it Please. Thanks in advance.

I have had one light stop working since the upgrade. It degraded in stages, first no response using HomePod HomeKit
Then no response using HomeKit app. Then stopped working in lifx app.
I’ve contacted support for assistance.

Now I’ve just had another light stop responding in HomeKit so I’m guessing it’s going the same way.
I’m getting fed up with lifx. I’ve spent thousands lighting my house with them and just seeing issue after issue…

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After flashing the colours red green and blue, did you reconnect it to your home network? Because those colours indicate to me that it has done a total factory reset, it will not show up in your app until you reconnect it to your home that work.

Yeah. I reset it to get it to flash thru colours, then tried to reinstall the light and go thru the installation process … it now just sits on “preparing device” and won’t go any further.
I’ve also tried setting it up in reverse and setting up thru HomeKit first. Still doesn’t work …

I’ve just purchased a Philips hue starter kit with 3 bulbs and thinking I’ll get rid of all my lifx and go Philips … I always have ongoing issue with lifx with Siri saying that one of my devices is not responding - 19 bulbs and never had a clear run with them. Time to cut my loses

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Hello LifxBulbDude, thank you for your reply. I couldn’t connect to network since the bulb is not broadcasting its SSID. It doesn’t show up in choose network in WiFi settings. Thank you.

My suggestion is to turn the power off and on five times and do a manual reset again, and wait for the Wi-Fi from the bulb if you get no Wi-Fi after resetting it, my guess is you’ve bricked the lightbulb, which is now useless.

Hello LifxBulbDude, I have reset multiple times, bulb doesn’t broadcast its SSID, I think only when bulb shines white and stops the SSID is broadcast and it can be networked. I have left the bulb shining in blue entire day. It is all the same. May be the bulb is bricked.
Thank you so much.

Hi @Reddy , I suggest filling out one of these and creating a ticket so the support team can take a look.

Hello @delfick-employee, I am from India. I appreciate your reply. I went through the link it says warranty replacement. I have purchased the bulbs during 2017. Do they get covered by warranty. If so please let me know.
Thank you very much.

I’ll let the support team talk to you about that.

Thank you :blush:.

Why do you think he “bricked” it, because he reset it too many times, your suggestion makes no sense, are you suposed to be the help here

I’m just an end user like every one else.

After resetting the bulb to factory default, and you get no wifi, stuck on blue… we’ll to me looks like the firmware is messed up.

So it’s bricked.

You got a better answer?

Sorry I thought you were managment, your name fooled me, and I hadnnt read all the posts also not a tech at all I just wanted lights that work without having to join a suport group to get working.

Even if I was tech-support…

Although I consider myself quite knowledgable and networking, even my own home has one Router Gateway, one Router, for access points, plus one bridge, and one more access point, I have almost 200 clients online, most of which are smart devices…

In my spare time I write software that controls locomotives across the Internet, complete with live video and audio feedback for the engineer.

So I’ve even done do it yourself projects with LIFX bulbs, and putting them where they shouldn’t be, but they were can I get them to work properly.

I guess what I’m saying is I like to help out where I can, but I really hate it when people jump on other people whether they are support or not

Let’s be kind to one another

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Voila! I was super happy when I got mines they were awesome! Yet!
Upon their new revised upgraded App. version all of mines are now USELESS
APP. & The best part that their app. service Will Never reply Wait!
my bad only once & 48 hours later.
So I’m so disappointed after 6 bulbs
& No response & never mind my $ back