LIFX A19, ver 2.77

Hi, I am from India, one of my LIFX bulbs set to green color, after 10 minutes or so automatically changes to red color or blue color. When the color wheel in the app turned it either becomes dark red or dark blue on the respective directions. Green color never appears until the bulb is switched off and on again an hour or so. Even the white color looks pinkish tint. Is this Hardware failure? I tried resetting and on boarding many times in vain. It is more than two years old and used sparingly. Thanking you in advance for any pointers.

have you tried the complete start from the beginning reset? on & off, do it 6 times, red green blue then full bright white and follow the the normal steps in the app. or, see if there’s a firmware update.

Hi, Thank you for response! I have done what you have suggested, unfortunately it is all the same. Many times I have reseted and connected. I think problem may be hardware.

Thank you