LIFX and Google Home Hub

Question for the dev team at LIFX.

With the release of the new home hub will there be a visual interface of some kind for the home hub to control lights.

Much nicer way for guests to control lights when they don’t know what commands to use.

Like this?

That’s the latest Home app on Android. This interface also appears on Google Assistant on my phone when I ask it about a light.

Nope. A lifx control. Colour, timers, themes etc. Not just on and off and brightness level

Here you go. This is clicking deeper into each screen as examples.

You get the first screen by swiping down:

This is the screen after tapping “Lights”:

Then I tapped on “All lights”:

Here is an example of when you then tap bottom left on “21 lights”:

And if you tap on one, you get the same colour and brightness options.

Here is example colour:

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I’m not (yet) seeing colour controls for my Lifx lights, even if I drill down to an individual light. Did you re-add or anything?

No, sorry, I didn’t do anything special. There is a dedicated colour button and when I touch it it shows me the different whites, and scrolling down the list shows all the colours too.

It looks like Google has enabled color controls for our lights on the Google Home Hub, but not on the Android Google Assistant. We are seeing the same thing on our devices here.

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Yes, same.
Hub works well but it would be nice to have more controls like in your app but it is good enough for guests to control the lights. If it could run effects it would be awesome, that way you don’t use your phone and battery. The hub acting as an effect server would be brilliant.

It can be really slow in responding to actions though.

Thanks for clarifying. Waiting to see if the Home Hub gets a Black Friday offer before I get one. :wink: