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LIFX and Hubitat

Still using the “old” app (3.15.2) and loving it!

I’m switching to Hubitat because of the big Samsung Smarthings “new and better ap” blunder.

I’ll keep using my wonderful LIFX bulbs and 3.15.2 even if I can’t use Hubitat with them. Does anyone have any comments on using LIFX bulbs and the Hubitat hub?


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I’m unfamiliar with hubitat

Only thing I could find was

It appears to have some limitations, but it does have active development. I imagine would be a good place for asking questions.


As of 2.3.0 Hubitat has built-in support for LIFX LAN Protocol

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The entire LIFX documented LAN Protocol has been implemented for community developer support too:

LIFX Classes - Hubitat Documentation