LIFX - Animated Theme get stuck


i have noticed a few things using the LIFX Z

  1. both of my strips draw the themes very slow on them instead of clicking the button in the app and seeing an instand result

  2. sometimes they leave zones unchanged while drawing the themes on them slowly

  3. when i activate the animated themes they work a short time and after some time the animation stops (also while running animated theme some zones stay unchanged sometimes)

i don’t think the problem is on the product because i have it on 2 z strips.
So can our WLAN router be the problem?
Or is it the App?

looking forward to your opinions
thank you in advance

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I’m having the same problem with a new Z strip (Homekit).

I retrofitted the 2 strips in an old defective Traxon Mood Light panel and wanted to animate some themes. When I click the animate button in the app, doesn’t matter if I use iOS or Android, the animation lasts for one cycle and then reverts to a solid colour for all zones of the 2 strips. Looks like the shift register function of the app isn’t working correctly.

There is a new firmware that will be released for the LIFX Z (HomeKit) and Beam next month that will resolve an issue with the Move effect appearing to stutter. This firmware release will also include a fix to allow substantially faster colour updates.

With the Animate Theme effect, when you turn it on, it should use the existing colours on the LIFX Z as the input colours to animate on. If you then press on one of the Themes in the Create tab, it will switch to using those colours.

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Any beta FW available?

I understand the animate effect and it does work like you explain on my older strips, not on the new HomeKit enabled strips. I was told by a colleague of yours this is also a FW issue and will be solved in the next update.

Also the Move effect is fluent on the older FW.