Lifx App always comes up Connect to Wifi

Just got my first LIFX 800 bulb & having issues, can anyone advice.

Basically I have the LIFX bulb showing up under New Lights. However when I press the icon it continually takes me to the “Connect To Wifi” Screen.

Android: Downloaded the app, went through the + Connect Light.
I come up with the Connect To WiFi screen. I enter MY wifi details & it comes up with
"Opening Connection to Light"
It then changes wifi network to the Lifx one
"Sending WiFi Details to Light" connects to the bulb, the bulb flickers briefly so it must connect.
Then it re-connects to my 2.4GH network
Then within the app it shows up under New Light.

Then either 2 things happen. The LIFX Bulb icon disappears or if pressed takes me back to the Connect to Wifi screen?

Pulled plug from light holder for 60 seconds ala reset.
Restarted phone & app
Connected to a 2.4GH network

Anyone have any ideas please or do I have a dud?

Have you spoken to support ? This is a developers site.

May I suggest though it sounds like an app issue than the bulb.
From memory when the bulb is on the network the app discovers the bulb but puts it in a separate area under the name of the SSID it is connected to. If it isn’t listed under your SSID then maybe it isn’t on the network.

Check that your phone has re-connected to your wifi network even shut it down and start the app again before clicking on the bulb.

This may have changed as I know LIFX have been working on the android app bulb configuration process but I had to turn off mobile data in my phone settings before I added a new bulb (the phone was diverting all data over the mobile data when connected to the bulb temporary wifi network hence the issu)