LIFX app freezes when adding reset lamps

So I have recently reset a few of my bulbs and I am having troubles getting them to reconnect.

When I go to ‘add bulb’ I see my bulb in the list with its default LIFX name, but the app gets about two seconds into the ‘Connecting to LIFX Bulb XXXXXXXXXX’ dialog and the circle stops spinning and the phone freezes up completely. I can get the phone to dump back to desktop if I hammer the home or back keys, but the same thing keeps happening.

I am on an android phone with a third-party OS (MIUI) so that might be an issue, but the app has always worked on this rig in the past. Has there been an update or something?

UPDATE: I just noticed that, after dumping to desktop, my phone is now connected to the bulbs wifi instead of my own wi-fi network, therefore I can’t connect to the net through my phones wi-fi. It does this reliably.

We are constantly pushing out updates to the LIFX Android application. While we make sure to test this on as many devices as we can get our hands on, we can’t possibly test them all. We certainly don’t test third party OSes.

I’m not sure why a custom OS might break the application, unless they’ve changed something around the wireless control. Which is the part of the app you are exercising.

Maybe try contacting If you are able to grab the ADB logs from that time it might also help.

I’m going to flash a new ROM and see if that fixes the issue