LIFX App new update - cannot “copy scene to HomeKit”

There’s a new LIFX iOS app update and it claims it includes the function “copy scene to HomeKit”. While it claims to be successful, I can’t find that scene anywhere in my Home app. Am I the only one? I am using a LIFX mini.)

(Additional info:
Checked for firmware update and there’s none.
Yes I’m having local LAN control issues but from what I see that’s well-known around here. Cloud control works flawlessly.)

Upon further testing, when I try to overwrite a scene with this “copy scene to HomeKit” feature, it successfully DELETES the existing scene in HomeKit, just doesn’t follow through to create one.

I have the same problem. In addition, every time the LIFX app tries to copy a scene to HomeKit, it always displays an error: “Object already exists”. The scene name and the first light object within the scene is copied across but that’s it; no more lights are copied across into th scene.

Is the LIFX app trying to copy over multiple times for the scene, one light at a time, but finds the scene already exists from the second light onwards?