LIFX app now has saturation asjustment

Just wanted to say thanks! Not being able to modify color saturation has long been a confusing part of the LIFX app. The ‘color’ part of the color bulbs is gimmicky at best when you can only have full saturation, but now that we can adjust the saturation it means we can really do some subtle moodlighting using soft off-whites from the full hue spectrum. Great feature and glad to see it added to the default app!

Android or iOS ?

The android app has a bug, if you go to your group or main group and set a theme e.g. one of the LIFX themes then go back you go back to the main list not the group. If you enter your group again then all the lights in that group go to one colour.

Good to finally have control over saturation via app! Thanks!

Just Android for now. It’ll be arriving on iOS very shortly (you might want to join the beta program to get these things earlier).

I’ll let the Android developers know about your bug report.

I think I have seen the same bug. Here’s how it happens:

On the LIFX android app toggle a lamp group off.
Enter that lamp group and select ‘lights’ at the bottom left.
Tap one of the lamps names to go into the lamp setting interface.
Toggle the lamp power to on.
Change the color or brightness.
Exit out one level (back to the list of lamps within this group).
All the lamps in the group will have turned themselves back on.

It seemed to be fixed in the latest update I received.