LIFX Beam + Eve Motion sensor + HomeKit app: the trio is intermittently out of tune

I’m looking for a guru to resolve intermittent but regular cases of the LIFX beam not switching on when the Eve Motion sensor detects movement. Otherwise the beam works fine and can be controlled at any time from LIFX and Eve smart apps on iPhone, as well as from Google Assistant.

More importantly, in the situations when the beam doesn’t turn up, if I open HomeKit App, select Apple TV icon and click on it, the light + sensor pair starts working again. It helps in 99% but not always.

Perhaps the issue is related to Apple TV pausing intermittently and not responding to the sensor requests?

Additional info:

  • WiFi is provided by Ubiqiti Unifi controller and four AP’s. The router is UniFi Security Gateway
  • Smart devices are connected to HomeKit, the hub is Apple TV gen 4. It is hardwired to the network (Cat6 Ethernet cable) and doesn’t use WiFi
  • The Apple TV is configured to never sleep