Lifx beams & bulbs on timers

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited. Lots of what seems to be unhappy LIFX users. Sorry can’t offer help to any of you but, i’ve discovered something very interesting. the last time i asked about it, it was only on my beams. i’d put some on timers and incredibly, they work and once the brightness & color are set, the timer set, activate timer & you never have to touch them again. LIFX support couldn’t explain it, oh well, it works. don’t need the app (unless i want to change something) until the timer comes on. light is visible when lit. So thought i’d try the A19’s. I have 7. THEY WORK on timers also!!! Only thing to bitch about is the changing daylight/night time time on the timer. they’re not easily accessible, all wiring is out of view, Just thought someone might want to try this. Good Luck