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Lifx beams & timers

is there a character limit here? the first 3 sentences disappeared while typing. any, i asked about this before, the topic seems to be gone. i accidently put a beam on a timer. when timer comes on, so does the beam. only once the timer turns the beam on does the app recognize it. lifx had no clue at that time why the beam was working after power was cut off by timer clicking off. that was fine with me, it works flawlessly. so i’ve added 3 additional beams to another timer. every evening at 4:30 they all come on simultaneously with the timer. only then the app sees them and i can adjust them if i want, using the app. Lifx couldn’t figure it out, i can’t figure it out but hell is it more convenient. going to try an A19 bulb to see what happens with an added timer. don’t want the bulb on a timer but worth trying in the name of science. And, as i scrolled through all the topics, many unhappy people. based on the few times i may lose a light, something i noticed with the beams, their power supplies & the plug in cord are extremely sensitive to touch. even moving the white cord causes the beam to disconnect requiring a reset. that plug in cord should be permantly attached. then again, that would make resetting more difficult. i discovered also they can be reset by taking out the mated cord 5 times instead of the entire block whose reset button doesn’t seem to work. overall, i’m extremely happy with these lights. i’ve said it before, keep it simple, they’ll be fewer issues. just my experience.

well, the A19’s work on timers also just as the beams do. there’s a bug in 2 of the beams. whether turned on by the timer or not, they don’t show up on the app any longer and, don’t need them to do so. they come on/off using the timer and they retain the color set to. the A19 still fully functional when timer is on. Aside from this, I was recently informed by my isp to buy my own router. the routers they off caqnnot manage as many devices i have. i bought the nighthawk. so far, haven’t dropped a light.