Lifx bulbs doesn't see Alexa

I’m trying to set up 4 Lifx bulbs in my master bedroom. The ceiling light uses 4 bulbs. I have named the bulbs Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Bedroom and , Bedroom 4.

The bulbs turn on/off fine when I control each bulb separately through the Lifx app. For obvious reasons I need all 4 bulbs to turn on/off in unison. To do this I have made a group named Bedroom which controls all 4 bulbs.

However, Alexa does not see the group. Alexa DOES see each bulb separately. For obvious reasons it would be a pain to ask Alexa to turn on/off each bulb one by one. How can I get Alexa to see the group so I can control all the bulbs together?

Create a group in the Alexa app, in the Smart Home section :

Thank you Oudoulj. Appreciate the help.