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Lifx bulbs don't reconnect after DHCP lease expiration

After switching my bulbs to a netgear home router I’ve noticed they work a lot better but the only problem I have now is that once the DHCP lease expires for the device it doesn’t attempt to reconnect and I can’t get it working again unless I power cycle the bulb.

I know this to be true rather than a random disconnect because if I connect the bulb at 8/19 at 3PM the bulb will disconnect and become unusable at 8/20 3PM. I don’t believe there is any issue with the DHCP server as everything else is connecting back even after restarting the router except for the bulb.

That is the exact reason I do “Address Reservations”. So that every piece of gear has its own guaranteed slot. And devices that like to jump around don’t get in the way. It started when I had to Port Forward my ATAs. Then my 2 Hopper3s that have 3-4 MAC Addresses and jump all over the place. Since I have things in blocks for the type of device. No IPA interruptions anymore.

Sadly the problem remains even after setting DHCP outside of the IP range and then also reserving IP’s specially for the LIFX bulbs.

It’s probably impractical but I’m probably going to set my DHCP lease time to something crazy like 50 years until LIFX releases a firmware update that fixes DHCP stability. If they ever do.

I had this issue along time ago.

It was fixed with a firmware update.

What version are you using?

The firmware for my A19 bulb is 3.70