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Lifx bulbs go no response on homekit

I’ve had about 30 bulbs recently installed for about a year. Just recently I hit the power switch that they’re connected to, and all show up as no response in Homekit. They work in lifx app. I ahve homepods, homepod minis, apple tv latest gen, iMac, and eero pro 6and Hoobs as gear. Hue and other homekit devices have no issues, just LIFX. I’ve deleted bulbs, reset bulbs by powering on and off 5 times, reconnected to LIFX app first, or same and reconnecting to homekit first and no luck. They appear in Homekit and work briefly for one minute, and then lost with “No Response”. I’ve cycled power to modem and Eeros many time, no fix. Help! Over $1500 in bulbs that won;t work for me!