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LIFX Candle Bulbs - Slow(ish) Response,

Just checking if anyone else is having issues with these lights?

My 3 x Candle Bulbs are on 3.7 firmware, Just these lights can be temperamental. Every other light I own has fast response time, however these 3 candle bulbs can be hit and miss. It can cause havoc with Home Assistant as I have them grouped for automation, if they lag to switch off, the group switch will turn back on.

It’s only these lights, the other 14+ lights I have respond perfectly. It’s not a range issue.

A good place to start would be using this form to make a ticket with the support team :slight_smile:

I have close to 100 LIFX bulbs installed, and my Candles are actually some of the least problematic ones I have. (Also on firmware 3.7). One possible area to investigate would be the Maximum concurrent connections that your wireless router, or extender can handle, then (depending upon WiFi hardware) checking to see if your bulbs, in this area, along with other WiFi devices in the area are maxing out the number of concurrent connections that your device supports.

I’m using a semi-dense distribution of eero pro units, around my property. I never run into issues with WiFi overload. The only problem I have, is that I have exceeded, by far, the maximum device limit for an Apple HomeKit Hub. This forces me to use other control devices, such as Alexa, which must retrieve all information from the cloud. This results in a very slow and staggered response. Being 1-way communication, any missed signals to one or more bulbs, means that I must repeat my trigger phrase.

I truly wish LIFX would develop some multi-platform software, which could run a local computer (even a small Raspberry Pi device) permitting local network access to scenes and schedules. This would provide dramatically improved response. (Not to mention, creating a method of controlling lights, when the internet is down.

You can use Photons for local network control. It runs on a Raspberry Pi and has support for scenes, but not schedules (yet).

Alternatively, Home Assistant can do that and way more. The learning curve is somewhat steep (though, it gets better all the time) but once you’ve got your head around it, the possibilities are endless.

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A other option, and I have a couple sites with 70+ bulbs, is to look at the bulbs as an enigma, a puzzle, along the lines of

Woe be to those that look at it as production solution as I have, and I was a huge fanboi at the start.