LifX candle mode

I purchased two of these units just so I can have a nice candle effect on both my lights as I watch TV.

The entire setup was super buggy and very strange.

The effect also stops as soon as my phone is off despite setting the scene to go for 24 hours.

Why is the phone a requirement for the Lifx light? Surely given it has Wifi access it should be able to get the info it needs from the cloud, if anything? People say battery setting on the phone should be switched off - mine are, but I still don’t understand why the phone is a point of reference for the light?

I’ve checked port 56700 is let through my LAN
I’ve enabled location services on the phone (though I don’t see why this would help)

How can I just have a candle effect enabled everytime I switch my lights on. Even if my phone is on the otherside of the galaxy. Thanks.

I should also mention I’ve integrated with Google home but thus fair just gone through the app.

You need to start the Flame effect on your LIFX Candle, not the Flicker effect. Flame runs on the firmware, Flicker is generated by the app.

If you keep the Flame effect running, it should persist if you turn the Candle off using the LIFX app. Not sure about Google Home, though. Some external services like to reset running effects.

wow… I’m gobsmacked.

You sell a an expensive candle that only offers “flame” effect which is red - which isn’t the color of candle and can’t be changed to one. While the flicker effect which is most like candle has to be generated from the phone!?! And thus can’t be used long term, only when the phone is on and in range… Insane! What use case does this have? Do you think your customers might naturally assume that if they go out and purchase an expensive smart light which is a candle and boasts effects, they might naturally assume they can have a candle effect?

I did switch to flame. It stayed on for a bit. Switched the lights on and off and they “forgot” they were in flame & back to normal again. Bug after bug after bug. Same with the app. Freezes, looses candles, needs to be restarted. I’ve tried a number of lighting solutions and this is the most expensive and troublesome.

I must say this product gets a F- . I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted on this. No mention in the app as well which effects are phone generated and which are firmware generated.

The work around for me will be to purchase (after getting demonstrations in the shop) two Phillips hue candles and a hub. Ill be posting reviews on my experience. I can’t get my mind around this.