Lifx candles - how do you select back side

I love the new LIFX candles I have four of them. It’s unclear to me how to set up the color on both sides of the candle. I can do top and bottom on front side. If there is a way to adjust the backside it’s unclear how to do so. Given the available zones that should be an option if it is not.

Ps love the flame effect available on the candle. Would like to offer suggestion to add new effects for the candle such as rotate vertically ( like a police siren ) and horizontally with selected colors. With ability to set speed.


I’m not sure what you mean by that. How are you currently changing the candle?

The Candle UI is a 2D flattened representation of the 3D space of the physical candle. So the far left and far right pixels on your phone will actually be touching on the physical device, the pixels in the middle will be on the opposite side on the device.

I just wanted to add that these lights don’t fit into sockets that fix their orientation such that there is actually a “back” and a “front” to the bulb. You screw them in, so depending on the orientation of the fixture, any particular “side” of the bulb could end up facing in any direction.

Thanks for clarifying how the app works, markh! Seems I’m learning something new every day with Lifx lights. :slightly_smiling_face: