Lifx cannot connect to my Wireless access point - DHCP server issue

Hey guys,

My Lifx bulb cannot connect to my Wireless Access point :

Access point (Bridged Mode, 2.4GHZ, i tried G and N band) > ASA5505 Firewall > Internet

If i enable the DHCP server on the access point the bulb works fine, but I need to keep my DHCP server running on the ASA pool inside.

Should i open any specific port ? any ideas ?


Is DHCP actually being provided by the ASA? And is the AP doing port filtering? If so, you may need to open up UDP for 67 and/or 68 so that the DHCP packets can get through the AP to the ASA. I’m assuming that you don’t have any other things on the AP that work with DHCP.

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Thank you . This has been resolved.