Lifx Chroma Connector + Razer Synapse

Hey Hey,
I am having some trouble with my Lifx beam and Razer Synapse. I have downloaded Lix Chroma Connector and it seems to be stuck in ‘Connecting’ mode. In Synapse I can see my beam on the stage in the studio and can move it around though it won’t let me change it to a colour, it just blanks out.

Any idea on the fixes for this? They are both on the same wifi network. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Probably a silly question but have you tried restarting Synapse? I’ve seen that once and that solved it for me. Could you also confirm if you see your beam showing up in the list in the Chroma Connector?

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Hey yeah it does appear everywhere in Synapse, looks fine but just won’t let me change the colour of it or turn it on. In Chroma Connecter it is ticked but it is stuck on ‘connecting’ in the top left corner.

Thanks for your reply.