LIFX Cloud API: getting undefined values in a few of the product info fields

Hi Team,

I faced some issue related to linking of Lifx device and on debugging we found that we are receiving undefined values in a few of the product info fields.

Is there any reason/conditions on which fields come as undefined?

Below is the device details for your debugging purpose:

Porch Light(improper)

id: d073d52c22e5

(uuid: "0270b1dc-e385-44a6-bf73-4ea11589b9be”)

Response: “name”: “Unknown”,

“identifier”: “unknown”,

“company”: “Unknown”

Dining Room (proper response)

id: d073d537fd57
(uuid: “02d5bef9-bd74-4bfc-bce9-fed874e2c2b2”)

“name”: “LIFX Mini White”,

“identifier”: “lifx_mini_white”,

“company”: “LIFX”


Was the light recently claimed to the cloud when you got the undefined values?

Those values are populated by the cloud asking the device for information after it connects. So for a couple minutes after you claim the device those fields don’t have values.

Hi @delfick-employee, I can still see the values coming as undefined and I’ve noticed this issue with A19+ models.

weird, I take it you retried after a few minutes and it was still undefined? if they are still undefined, please dm me the serial of the devices(s).

Any update on the cause? I have four new A19 bulbs (installed for two weeks now) with the same problem.

After having another look I believe I understand what’s gone wrong. When I said in my first reply that those values are populated, I was looking at the wrong thing.

I should be able to fix it when I’m back at work tomorrow. I’ll let you know when that’s done.

Ok, I have released a fix, it should report correct product information now.

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Thanks @delfick-employee it’s working now!

Thanks @delfick-employee yes I can see this working now :slight_smile:
I’m little curious to know the fix went into lifx cloud api or into the device. Because on the basis of that I can ask my customers to update the bulbs’ software version (if in device). I might be wrong with my understanding, you can correct me.

Yeah, the change was entirely on the servers :slight_smile:

We don’t have the ability to remotely firmware update devices.

Essentially the change was making one of our backend services aware of some missing product ids so that when it sees your device with product id 45 it knows a name for it.