Lifx Color 1000s cannot connect but Lifx Originals can

I changed my router to a wrt32x and kept all settings the same but for whatever reason the lifx originals are working fine but the color 1000s are not.

I have tried everything (making sure im dealing with the 2.4 ghz network, setting the channel width to 20hz, using a static channel, resetting my lifx cloud password, deleting and reinstalling the app)

What else can I try?

When i do a hardware reset I am able to give the bulb my password, the app connects back to my 2.4 wifi, but while the iOS app says: “discovering bulb” it just times out and asks me to redo the whole hardware reset.

Hey, Could you contact support with this so we can pass you on to the correct team

available via

Thanks. Kevin

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