LIFX connected but Alexa cant control

Just bought 5 bulbs, I Can control Them using the app. But Alexa doesnt work. I have the 5 bulbs sitting together in group in the LIFX app, but when I use Alexa to look for devices, the bulbs show up, but not the group. I then created A group in Alexa with the 5 bulbs. Having Alexa to control the group only one bulb react. Any idea what is wrong?


Alexa has its own concept of groups and we can’t create them from LIFX groups when you discover your devices.

If you go into the Alexa app -> Devices tab, you can use the + to add a group in alexa.

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Thanks, its working now and has for a while. But suddenly now one of the bulbs is not responding when using Alexa…not responding it says in the app. But again it works well in the LIFX app. Any ideas?

Alexa requires the device to be connected to the cloud to work. Sometimes the device will disconnect from the cloud and struggle to reconnect. Have you tried giving it a power cycle?

Assume you mean to disconnect to power, switch on 5 times, see the changing colours etc?
Asking beforehand… I have quite a few bulbs from LIFX so prefer knowing what I do :grinning:…havent done yet…

Nah! that’s a factory reset. Very unnecessary.

Power cycle is just when you turn it off and on again (disconnect power, wait a couple seconds, reconnect power).

If that doesn’t work you can also go into the settings for the light in the app, remove from cloud and re-add it.

But it’s likely the power cycle should be good enough. (though after the power cycle it first has to connect to the wifi first before it can see the internet which can take up to 20 seconds)

I made a power cycle , its working fine now, really impressed by your quick support…great…thx

yay! happy to help :slight_smile:

I actually have another small issue. One of my other bulbs is reacting fine to Alexa and LIFX portal. But when turned off it “hangs” with a weeak blue colour. Not possible to turn it completely off. Any idea?

Well that’s bizarre, can you turn it off with the app?

The app says it is turned off. I Can turn it on using the app, and then off again, and it ends in this blue state…very weak, but its blue…

Have already done the power cycle as well…Might do it again, but already did

That sounds like a faulty device, you should open a support ticket.

Hi again,
I have been making power cycles on this bulb, but it always end up not responding.

It does respond using the Lifx app, but it is not working when I use Alexa - and furthermore, I also use Samsung SmartThings app - and in ST it is also offline and can’t be controlled

Where do you want me to open the support ticket?

Hi, sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I’ve been on holiday for the last two weeks.

In the app under settings you should find a contact support option, which will let create a support ticket with us.

Ok thanks

I use SmartThings as well, but Lifx status is not Update propelfly

Any advices on that?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that.