LIFX connection to 4G routers


I am unable to connect any of my LIFX A60 lights to the WiFi network of my 4G router (HUAWEI E5577C). I’ve tried with my iPhone and iPad and I always get an error “An unexpected error has occurred. Try again.“.
I have tried resetting the lights to the default settings and do everything that I found on the support pages but nothing worked. I believe that is because the router is a 4G router.
Has anyone experienced this issue? How can I fix this?



This is not a user support forum, and the support team are much better at helping out if the issue is router related. Have you tried emailing

With regards to 4G routers, often they are extremely limited in the number of clients they support, or they limit broadcast traffic between devices. Usually this is done to limit the amount of power the device consumes, as most 4G routers are battery powered, or based off a battery powered device. The setting page of your device may allow you to change these values, at the cost of your devices battery life.


Try setting different names for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks as supplied by the 4G router. Then have your phone forget the 5GHz network (temporarily). Now connect your phone to the 2.4GHz network and go after those lifx bulbs (always do the 5x on/off reset even with new bulbs). After setup, you can reconnect your phone to the 5GHz wifi. If the router does not allow broadcast forwarding to the 5G network you won’t be able to control the bulbs on the 5GHz wifi only the 2.4. Yes lifx uses broadcast and udp packets, not tcp as one would expect. Your 4G router should be able to connect to a few bulbs probably less than 5