I’ve been struggling like crazy since the last major firmware update to understand why my bulbs that were working so well all of a sudden went haywire since the last firmware update.

In the last firmware update, the bulbs had to be reflashed because the update failed. When reflashed, they finally came back, but have constantly gone in and out of connectivity in the app. Slow sluggish responses that are inconsistent are now the norm. I have to hit the button for a scene about 10 times for my two bulbs to get it. Pretty much a pain the rear and because of that, we rarely use them now. However, I did notice something today on my DHCP server.

Both of these lights fail registering to DNS via DHCP. I don’t have some crazy network going, but a dedicated DHCP and DNS instance that has all my IOT devices working just fine with DHCP reservations (Nest, Kuna, SmartThings, Neurio, etc). I’ve tried everything on my end to try and make them succeed to no avail. Here is a copy of the error logs from the Windows DHCP server.

30,10/27/16,21:20:15,DNS Update Request,,LIFX Color 1000,,,0,6,,,,,,,,,0
11,10/27/16,21:20:15,Renew,,LIFX Color 1000,D073D5122799,,1430532898,0,,,,,,,,0x0103656D33,0
31,10/27/16,21:20:15,DNS Update Failed,,LIFX Color 1000,,,0,6,,,,,,,,,9560

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Adding to this. I’ve checked my Cisco Aironet AP, and found that the lights (clients) are also being disconnected after failing to respond after quite some time.

Packet to client d073.d512.2799 reached max retries, removing the client

Repeat that statement about every few seconds.

Sorry about missing this.

We are looking into this right now and setting up an additional test infrastructure for 2012 as the dhcp server.

Thanks for reporting it.

Just a quick update that I moved everything off of Windows Server 2012 and on to my Pfsense router/firewall running version 2.3.2. Same exact issue. Seems like this issue is more widespread now since searches show up some more threads on it. I’m not ruling out my Cisco Aironet AP, but the only thing to change recently was the last firmware update.

Hopeful for a fix soon! Really hopeful for a fix before the holidays!

Issue resolved. Upgraded Cisco Aironet to Ubiquiti AP. Pfsense is still providing DHCP and all is well.