LIFX DL issues (Group reset itself)

Hi all,

Really strange thing happened - I have 22 RGB DL’s in the house and haven’t had an issue since setup (Sep 20).
However one group of 5 all of a sudden just started flashing on/off with the last known colour (4000K). These DL’s were grouped in both Homekit & the LIFX app.

I turned power off/on at the wall once + one started flashing the reset colours (also not connected in the app + broadcasting its own wifi) and the other 4 show up as “connected” but unresponsive to any instructions given in either LIFX or Homekit + constantly a pale blue colour

They all have an independent power source - so that would mean potentially something happened with the group?

Frustrating as initial setup is tedious and I would like an idea of what has caused this.


If you follow this form you’ll be able to make a ticket with the support team and they can help you figure out what’s happening.