Lifx Doesn't Appear on M-Search Query

Does LIFX supports SSDP discovery protocol? I can’t find my LIFX light bulb using M-Search query. I used this code which worked for other device except LIFX. If LIFX doesn’t support SSDP discovery protocol, what alternatives do I have?

We do not support SSDP, see the discovery workflow to discover LIFX bulbs on your network.

Understood. Is there any established SDK to make these workflow or I have to create it from raw using any language?

There are many different SDKs for python, iOS, Android. There is also lightsd which may help simplify usage from any language.

So is there any way I can get a descriptive details of all the services and actions the device support? Like the traditional xml formatted documents we can get from UPnP supported devices?

Not from the device itself, but you can get its product and vendor ID. This can be used to look up its capabilities.