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LIFX Firmware Update 3.50 has been released

We just released a brand new Beta Firmware (v3.50). This firmware update is relevant for the LIFX Mini White, Mini Color, Mini Day & Dusk & GU10, if you have any of those lights, you can jump into the LIFX app now and try it out!

The list of new and improved features are as follow:

  • iOS Homekit user: Improved Homekit reliability & WiFi network onboarding. Added QR code onboarding.
  • WiFi onboarding & connectivity improvements.
  • Cloud connectivity improvements.
  • Security improvements.
  • Firmware update reliability improvement. (Note: this will only be evident at the next firmware update)
  • Color matching between different products improved.
  • Added Non-Latin character support in device name.
  • Fixed GU10 white and blue power limits.

Is this the same 3.50 update that applied to the Tiles in February?
If so, are these changes planned to be rolled out to the other model lights?
If not, is there a guide to show what the current firmware level is for each type of light?

It’s a bit confusing but the Tile firmware is separate from out lights firmware, and this release has very little to do with the Tile firmware, it has a lot more changes. We will have firmware for our other products coming out soon.

We have updated the firmware update page.

Not seeing much on the firmware front for our Mini Colours, any ideas?

I’ve updated my 2x mini white bulbs to 3.50 and now neither respects the dusk to dawn schedule they’ve been using for the past year. Both are showing connected to the cloud.

Not a great firmware update then!

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If you DM me your account I can have a look at that, but there should be an update for the minis

Mine updated automatically (when I added a new bulb) and now they won’t work with HomeKit.

Kinda of makes them less useful, any ideas on how to resolve it?

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Could you maybe elaborate by “won’t work with HomeKit”. This update should have no impact on HomeKit functionality.

Well I updated the bulb and now they show as no response in home and say not found on some of the bulbs in the LIFX app in the HomeKit section.

The lone bulb that I haven’t updated still works with both your app and HomeKit.

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Could you try resetting the light and see if you can repair with HomeKit?

I thought of that but all that happens then is the light won’t even Registered to HomeKit; it just timesout.

But still works with the lifx app, it’s really quite strange.

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Here too, firmware 3.5 made multiple Mini Day and Dusk bulbs unresponsive on HomeKit (they were working fine before)

After the 3.5 update my DD bulbs no longer work on HomeKit. If deleted they would not register to HomeKit; if I reset the bulbs I can connect them to the network with my iphone but will they not be show up to be registered on HomeKit after scanning the code.

Everything works as expected on the Lifx app, however

This is happening for 3 Mini DDs, one seems to work fine on HomeKit this one was updated days later after the others on 2019-09-16

Pretty much the same experience here with mini Day and Dusk bubs

We have tested HomeKit after upgrade and HomeKit setup very rigorously and haven’t seen any issues like that. I would recommend to reboot your phone, and try pairing in the Home app again. If you are still getting an error it would be great if you could post a screenshot of the error screen.

Hi @Madds could you let us know what firmware version the light that you haven’t updated is on? We’d like to make sure we’re using the right firmware when we try and reproduce your issue.

It’s say 3.42 but I’ve attached three screenshot from the app one is the light that I added that caused me to update the bulbs (it’s paired to HomeKit and doesn’t work but the app tells me it’s fine) the other is the bulb that still works (and the app tells me so) the third a Bob I removed from HomeKit and reset (it failed to reconnect to HomeKit and the app tells me this, although it does say it’s paired to something…!

(Edit I can’t upload all three screenshots, so here just the bulb that still works, I’ve unplugged hence why it say disconnected


Testing pairing them to HomeKit on different iOS 12, iOS 13 and even iOS 10 devices, rebooting my main device. Same network that worked without problems, a19 bulbs working fine on Homekit.

Can’t pair them to HomeKit

When trying to re-pair with Homekit this stays forever:

Even after hard reset

When I reset them turning them on and off multiple times, I can add them to the network via the home app (or other means such as the wifi settings menu) but they fail to pair with Homekit. After this error appears, the bulbs are in the network, accesible to the lifx app, and if I try to pair them to HomeKit, same deal as the first captures.



Another bulb I’ve not delted from the home app just says “This accesory is not responding”. Works fine on the Lifx app too, connected to lifx cloud etc.

In total this affects 3/4 of my Day and Dusk bulbs. The only difference between them and the one working is that the one working was disconnected when the app updated the first three.

Could there be a state that’s not cleared flushed by the reset? They just don’t what to show up in the home app, opnly while the are broadcasting that they need to connect to your wifi

Hey @egosapien egosapien, I did a bit more digging:

After power-cycling the Mini Daylight and Dusk that was still working it also became unresponsive to homekit (that’s 4 out of four Mini DDs, A19 working fine)

I’m also sure it’s a firmware problem as none of the affected bulbs are network-discoverable via bonjour, the A19 bulbs are, just as all other Homekit and related devices

Hi @andres I really appreciate the information, we’re talking about this internally and trying to figure out the best next step to resolve this.