LIFX Generation 3 Products

Recently LIFX announced 2 new products, LIFX + in 2 form factors and LIFX Z. As part of our commitment to third party developers we will be releasing additional documentation on how to develop for the new products and their features.

This begins today with the release of the Product IDs and documentation on controlling IR on the LIFX +

We will update this thread as we release more documentation for these products.


We have just added instructions for talking to MultiZone devices (such as the LIFX Z) for third party app developers.

We have also reorganised the documentation somewhat so that we could include several guides on how to use particular features such as groups, infrared and MultiZone. These changes have been made largely due to feedback from our community, so please continue telling us what you think, and what you would like to see.

We expect that there will be further updates and corrections to the documentation as we get closer to the launch of these devices. Stay tuned to this thread for more details. Please also feel free to post here if you notice an issue or mistake.


Just a small update.

Our product documentation had incorrectly listed the Product IDs for our new LIFX + bulbs.

This should be updated on the page now and will be updated in the LIFX products repo as soon as the pull request is merged.


What about these new “Generation 3 LIFX bulbs” listed on your website?

I will be getting those updated shortly.

Product IDs for the new Generation 3 products mentioned above have been added to the product page and the Github repository.

We have also added initial support for controlling infrared to the HTTP API.

So I know you no longer maintain the open-source LIFXKit for 3rd party developers on iOS, but is there a significant difference with these new lights and how they are discovered via UDP? It seems every LIFX app on the iOS App Store just stopped working with Gen 3 bulbs on the local network.

Hey @lightbow,

There is no difference in the discovery method for the new bulbs. We have discovered a bug which causes applications that don’t set the source field on packets (such as ones using the unsupported LIFXKit library). See this thread for details and progress as we work to resolve it.

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