LIFX Hand Gesture Control Project

Hello all,

I want to share with you guys a project I’ve been working on for a few months. I built a simple hand gesture controller for the LIFX A19 using an ultrasonic sensor and a Particle Photon, which uses the LAN Protocol to communicate with the bulb. I made a full tutorial on how to build this project on Instructable and here is a video showing it in action.

This project is also an entry for Instructable Sensors Contest, so if you like this project, feel free to vote for me :slight_smile:


Very cool project!

Just glanced the instructable over right now as I’m in hurry but wanted to share that I’ve also been building some prototype custom controllers and have been looking into directly communicating with the lights but due to lack of time the project has been on hold for months.

I’ll be implementing it on ESP32 (Arduino) but since you’ve apparently written the code in C/C++ I’ll sure to check it if I could reuse some parts of your code if it’s open source! I also found some Arduino (C++) code which might help. I’m quite familiar with the protocol itself as I’ve been contributing to node-lifx (Node.js library) which we actually decided to fork to node-lifx/lifx-lan-client just recently as the original author has stopped maintaining it. But this is way off topic.

I’ll be sure to check the video and code when I have a suitable moment!

@garypeng I didn’t find the link to the GitHub repository mentioned in the instructable tutorial but managed to find it from some of your other tutorials.

Linking here in case someone else was also trying to find it:

The code looks straightforward, great work! I also now realized it even is Arduino code. :blush: